Edelweiss Tour 2000

In July 2000, we, 5 bikers from Cologne (Germany) made us on our way to discover the Alps in Austria, Swiss and Italy.

With this web site, we want to try to describe the unforgettable impressions and the experiences we made during this tour.

The Sites are build up in chronological order and contains pictures, the tour of the day, distances and some other tips.

Of course, there is a lot more to discover and to see in the Alps. But we think, this tour is very good to get a first impression of the Alps with all its manifolds and is a good base for further tours.

As transportation from and to the Alps, we used the "car train". We decided to do this for several reasons, but the most important reason was to save 2 days. On the other hand, the expenses for fuel and new tires needs also to be calculated.

OK, enough theory!! Have fun with the pages and maybe they can help you to plan you tour.

The motto: Curves without End!!